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The Assistive Technology Consideration Process...

Did you know that consideration of the need for assistive technology devices and services is a legally mandated part of the IEP process that must be included for every student with a disability [IDEA, 2004]?


Are you staring at the Special Factors Page and pondering how to respond to the question “Does the student require Assistive Technology and/or services?” 


This step-by-step guide is a blueprint for how your team can consistently and compliantly plan for and walk through the important elements during the consideration portion of the IEP meeting.


  • For many of your IEP meetings while using this process, a team will know all that they need to know in order to make final decisions about including (or not including) AT in the IEP.


  • Some students will have more robust teams, with additional expertise to help make these decisions (e.g. occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical and health impairment specialists, vision specialists, audiologists, deaf and hard of hearing specialists).


  • Occasionally, teams may come to the conclusion that more data, information, or a more    in-depth team problem solving or discussion is needed in order to come to a decision. For those students, the development of a Student Access Plan may be beneficial.