Special Factors 

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Where else should I document information?

In addition to providing information in the present levels or the notes of the IEP, there are a few other places where you can appropriately provide more detail or information.


Here are some questions to consider:

Goals: Is a goal needed to address building foundational skills in learning or using the AT tool? Or should the tool be embedded in a goal (does it enable the student to make progress on an already identified goal?)

For example, “given word prediction, Sam will write a one paragraph essay with fewer than 2 errors in conventions”. 


Services: Will ongoing AT services be required in order for the student to utilize the tool effectively?


Supplementary Supports and Services: Does the tool specifically and directly support the student’s access to the general curriculum? Is training needed to support implementation with the tool?

Individual Transition Plan: Is the student aged 16 or above? Does AT support meeting measurable post-secondary goals? Support the development of independence and self-advocacy? Will the student need a plan for acquiring appropriate AT following graduation?