Identify Challenges & Barriers

(Mark your choices on the Notetaking Sheet)

For each area that you have checked, take a few moments to think about and identify the primary challenges that need addressing and possible barriers to accessing the curriculum or educational setting. 

For example...

If the box “Reading for Content” is checked, it may be that the student “needs grade level content he can access ”. If “Writing/Mechanics” is checked, it may be that the student’s “legibility is impacting his handwritten work” or he “has difficulty lining up math problems”.  If the box “Executive Functioning” is checked, it may be that the student “has challenges keeping organized”, or “initiating tasks”, or “remembering to bring his Chromebook from home”. If “Physical Access to Technology” is checked, it may be that the student “cannot accurately access a QWERTY keyboard” or “has difficulty operating a standard mouse”. You get the idea! 

Be clear and descriptive, as this information will help as you move into the

problem-solving phase.


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