It's time to make a decision!

(Remember to take discussion notes!)

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After you’ve finished identifying potential areas of need, and have identified challenges and barriers, ask yourselves “are we comfortable that we have identified ALL potential areas of need, or understand the specific barriers and challenges that exist because of the student’s disability”?

This is an opportunity for the team to reflect on whether they have the collective knowledge and understanding of the student’s needs, OR may need to think about diving deeper in order to get a better understanding of how the disability is affecting the student’s ability in a particular area.


For example...

The team may know the student is struggling in the “Writing/Composing & Use of Language Conventions” (such as spelling), but may not feel they have enough information in that area in order to start talking about specific strategies or tools to explore. This may be pointing towards the possible need for getting support with the development of a Student Access Plan, which can include assessment and/or data collection along with a team-based problem-solving meeting.