Documenting in the IEP

Whichever path you have chosen, it’s time to document the outcomes of the AT Consideration process in the IEP.

The goal is to adequately describe the strategies and/or tools needed or required in order for the student to:

  • Successfully meet their IEP goals and objectives and/or

  • access curricular and extra-curricular activities and/or

  • progress in the general education curriculum. 

You'll need to document any “next steps” the team has considered in order to make appropriate decisions for the student, which could include trials or additional assessment, data collection and team-based problem solving. 

We’re providing you a great way to draft your ideas for Documenting AT on the IEP.

Again, you've got options! You can open the PDF and use your own tool to annotate, or open a GoogleDoc or form-fillable Word Doc if that’s how you roll, or simply print it and make your marks!