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Help your team be more effective in considering AT for students!

In our system, Universal Design for Learning is the foundation for making accessible learning available to students. As classroom teachers shift towards becoming “instructional designers”, opening up options for students to grow and develop into independent and actualized expert learners, many of our students needs will be met and students will have access to what they need when they need it.


A well-designed and consistently applied AT Consideration process is the next step

for guiding IEP teams in making informed AT decisions and building IEPs that address and remove barriers to learning and meaningful participation in the educational setting. When needed, “deeper dives”, including assessment or data collection and team-based problem solving, are available through the development of a Student Access Plan (SAP).


Our goal is for ALL IEP team members to have training, coaching and support to become comfortable and confident in the AT Consideration Process. We believe that by preparing our IEP teams with knowledge and consistent practices, and supporting them with information and resources about available strategies and tools, they are positioned to make well-informed decisions for the majority of their students as challenges and needs arise. This process and the decision making involved is site-based, calling on the student’s IEP team members to work collaboratively to come up with and implement solutions to meet the student’s needs.

Additional training and coaching is available from AT Specialists to support IEP team members in leading the Student Access Plan process. When needed, AT Specialists can also support and participate in this team-based process.

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