What's Next?

It’s time to wrap up the AT Consideration process.


You have various routes or paths to take...


You may have some things you already know are in place and working. That’s great!

You are ready to move ahead and document these strategies and tools in the student’s IEP. 

Click HERE to find out how best to document AT in the IEP.


You may have identified some potential strategies and tools to explore.

If you are doing the AT Consideration process as part of an IEP meeting discussion, document this in the notes. You may also want to use a “Trial Planning and Summary” tool to help you plan for and document the outcome of the trial.

Click HERE to download the Trial Planning & Summary document.


If you are unsure of what potential strategies or tools to explore, or need assistance in setting up or evaluating a trial, it may be time think about what additional support you may need.


Consider these options:

Does your team have questions and need input from an AT Coach or AT Specialist before moving forward?

Is further assessment or data collection needed? 


You can either reach out to your district AT Coach or AT Specialist for help,



For staff in Placer County- Click HERE and fill out the request form.