Concept Building &

Virtual Manipulatives

MathLearning Center

Explore this FREE math site for math activites and virtual manipulatives.  The activities have built-in tools making it ideal for direct instruction and student exploration.

Khan Academy Kids

This resource has many things to offer at no cost;  printables, iPad app, distance learning, and much more. Click the Learn More button to explore all of the great resources!

Math Glossary

Harcourt's online visual/slightly animated glossary of math terms helps to visulize meanings and concepts.


Interactive digital math activities for students and teachers to explore.  This FREE site has no advertisements. 

Virtual Manipulatives (a collection)

This is a Google Slideshow with links to individual web-based activities. A great resource, just beware of sites with advertisements. 

Montessori Numbers

This iPad app is great for early learners. It helps build early skills like learning the numeral names to building relationships between numbers and quantities.


This math app is unique because it's an app that includes real manipulatives for students to interact with.  

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has evolved into a robust free resource full of courses for many content areas including math. Students can simply access the content or teachers can utilize the tool and assign and keep track of student work.


Use this FREE online resource to explore math interactives without advertisments.  Use during direct instruction or as a tool for students to utilize.


This math site offers numerous video tutorials and lessons which are all fully captioned, signed in ASL, and also voiced. 


This resource covers many content areas including Math. This is a paid subscription resource, but you can explore the activities or get the free trial before making a purchase. Maybe your site already has a subscription?


Free content and lessons with videos with WATCH, THINK, DIG DEEPER, DISCUSS options.  Browse content created by others or create your own.


Students count and calculate the basic math facts and then progress to recalling them with automaticity. Recalling math facts, instead of calculating them, frees up mental resources for higher-level operations. Progress reports available with set up. This FREE resource is available as a web and iOS app.


Free interactive mathematics activities are available to teachers and students. Explore the activities without any advertisements.

Math Workshop (Scholastic)

This free resource has a bunch of great math activities for students! From problem solving to video lessons, it's a great resource for building math skills.


Online math activities, videos and worksheets for K-6 students. Explore the resources and try before you buy!


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