Read & Write

A tool designed for all platforms, with UDL in mind. Included TTS, word prediction, vocabulary and translation tools, speech to text, scaffolding, and more.Educators can register for aFREE premium subscription.

Voice Instead

This simple Chrome extension reads text aloud.  Just highlight the desired text on most web pages, right click and choose to read a word, sentence or entire text with the tool.

Immersive Reader

This incredible FREE tool includes a multi-sensory reading experience which includes; TTS, syllable reader, picture dictionary, reduces visual clutter, and has a highlighting tool.

Speak Tool in MSWord

Yes!  Microsoft Word has a built-in speech-to-text tool. You'll just need to add it to your toolbar.  Once it's set up, it will read aloud documents.

Natural Reader

This text-to-speech tool is available and is a free Chrome extension and Web app.  It highlights as it reads web pages and Google Docs with options for voice, speed, and more.

Speak Screen & Speak Selection (iPad)

Use the "speak screen" tool to read aloud full pages as well as ebooks.  Swipe down with 2 fingers to activate or just tell Siri to "speak screen".

Enable "speak selection" in the accessiblity area of the iPad to enable this feature. Easily select the desired text and have it read aloud. 


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