Google Resources

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Chrome Web 


You'll find all the extensions and apps in one location. Add these to the Chrome browser or Chromebook to extend functionality.Try using the filters to narrow your search.


10 Extensions for Students

This article from Edutopia describes 10 productivity extensions for students and here at Open Access, we are fans of all of them as well!


Tools for Diverse Learners

In this article from Google Ed, you'll learn about tools and implementation strategies for incorporating them.


How to Make a Drag n' Drop Activity

Watch this short video from EZedTech! and learn how to make engaging drag n' drop activities for your students.

Alice Keeler

Alice's site is the where educators go to for practical implementation ideas! Sit down, relax and dive deep into these resources.

Online Learning

Distance Learning with google

These training modules from Google will help you leverage Google tools and keep your students engaged during remote learning.

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Google For Education

Learn more about all things digital from Google in the free video lessons. Intended for students in late elementary through high school, includes resources for both students and teachers.


GFC Global

This is a free learning resource for multiple topics, including all things Google. Read and watch video lessons which take you step by step through the learning process.


Google Teacher Center

This free training resource has interactive modules for beginners through advanced users.


Diverse Learners Training

In this short training module from Google, you'll learn about all of the Chromebook's accessibility features.


Cult of Pedagogy

Looking for ideas for student projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms? Check out this article from CULTOFPEDAGOGY.