Tools & Strategies to Support Note Taking

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Google Slide

(Try This!)

Take a screenshot/snip of the slide or worksheet. Save the image and add to the slide as a background so that is is not editable. Then add text boxes and share with your students! Click the Learn More button for details from Alice Keeler.


Combine photos, handwriting, and typing in a single document. Record audio, import & annotate; ;slides, gifs, PDFs, web pages, and forms. Click here for a user guide and the Learn More button to learn about the features. 

Online Voice Recorder

This simple web-based voice recorder is easy to use and with one click, start recording and download as an MP3 which can then be added to other documents like Google Slides

Reflect in SeeSaw

Capture and web page or select part of one and open in SeeSaw to annotate, draw, and add voice notes, photos and more!


This notetaking strategy is not only fun and engaging, but can help students retain information. It requires the teacher to model how to do it and give guidance to structure and standard symbols to use as markers. Click here to watch an example and click the Learn More button to dive deep into the strategy at the site Verbal to Visual. It can be done using paper/pencil/pens but can also be done using basic creative tool such as Google Slides or a device with a touch screen.

Cornell Notes in OneNote

Transform this traditional method of note taking to a digital form which may be more accessible to some students. Watch this video on how to digitize Cornell Notes.


On web pages, highlight any text or image. Create sticky notes and comments and the webpages save to the dashboard. Export notes to Evernote, Word, or an HTML file.