Digital Tools

to Support Legibility



This robust math tool has math prediction, voice recognition, equation editor, and converts writing to text. Watch this demo video or click the Learn More button for more information. Platforms available:


Click here for the free teacher subscription


The Dexteria apps for the iPad, help students practice fine motor and visual motor skills helping to build strength, control, and dexterity.

Montessori Numbers

This iPad app includes a variety of activities to build concepts and practice drawing numbers. 


This iPad app replaces pencil and paper and removed the legibility barrier some students face while working out their math problems. It does not solve problems! Easily share work with teachers. Visit the developer's website and watch the short demo video.

KAMI (for Math)

This pdf annotation tool has fantastic math tools as well! Students can use the equation editor, graphing, shape tools, and more to solve math problemsVisit the site to get an account or click the Learn More button to watch a short video about the math features.

Insert Equation in gDocs

While in a Google Doc, click_insert equation.  Then choose the symbol wanted, and insert into the document. Then add numbers and variables inside the field. 


The original equation editor for MicroSoft Word has been updated and now integrates with Google Docs and other applications. Click here to quickly try a web-simulator and experience how this tool works!

Click here for the gSuite add-on.

Click here for MS Word/iPad.