No & Low-Tech Supports


Calculator-Big Buttons (app)

This iPad app turns the screen into a large calculator with big buttons for students with visual or physical challenges. This apps is free with in-app purchases.

talking calc.PNG

Talking Calculator

Support math calculation with speech output. This talking calculator will speak the complete number ("seventy-eight") or digit by digit ("seven, eight"). School Health also offers a Talking Graphing Calculator and a Large Display Talking Scientific Calculator.


Giant Display Calculator

This giant display make it much easier to see the screen. There are many inexpensive options to choose from. Clicking the Learn More button will take you to just one of the many options!


Adapted Graph Paper

Support your students who struggle to align numbers. The OT Cafe has links to a variety of strategies for using adapted graph paper. Click the Learn More button to visit a site that lets you customize and print graph paper.


Fraction Calculator (app)

Being able to view calculation history helps students tract their work. Supports mixed numbers, improper f& proper fractions. 


Multiplication Noodle (DIY)

Check out this great DIY project! This hands-on interactive manipulative is a great way to engage students in learning and help them make connections. Try it for fractions too! Click here, to find MANY ideas for adapting noodles for learning activities. Click the Learn More button to see the math noodle directions.


Wikki Stix

This classic manipulative is soft, pliable, non-toxic and the uses are limitless! Click the Learn More button for lots of fun activity ideas to support math for early learners.


Slant Board

Consider a multi-use slant board to support math. They are made to support magnets and dry erase markers. Click the Learn More button for product information.

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Visual Calculator

The See & Solve calculator has an oversized LCD screen, shows equations in a vertical format, and has oversized and color-coded keys. Functions include; add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

giant calc.PNG

Giant Online Calculator

This giant basic calculator is easy on the eyes and easy to use!


Graphic Organizers



Check out 24 Ways to Use Math Manipulatives in Your Classroom by and get inspired!


Dry Erase Graph Board

Graph boards come in many shapes and sizes. This is a great option for students who may need a larger surface and an easily erasable surface. Click the Learn More button to see a variety of products.