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Distance Learning 

Discover strategies that support switch access and skill development at home.


Smarter Balanced Tests

(accessibility resources)

Learn more about the accessibility for the Smarter Balance tests. Their aim is to "ensure equitable access for students with diverse accessibility needs and preferences". Check out this additional resource geared towards distance learning.


Switch Accessible Apps & Info

Click on the developer links to find out more about their accessible apps.

Click on the Learn More button to watch an incredible human using switch access with his iPhone.



Keyguards  stabilize fingers to help with accuracy. Check out this example that fits on the BigKeys keyboard.


iPad Apps

(to build access skills)

Ready to Print, Injini, Writing Wizard

Toca Apps, Dexteria Jr., Dexteria

Click the Learn More button and discover Touch Trainer app which helps students learn how to access the iPad.



Click here for Powerlink product details. Click the Learn More button to watch a video about using a Powerlink for access.



For some students, switch access is required to access and navigate the computer. There are many types available! For computer access, don't forget the switch interface. Watch this video to learn how the switch interface works with computer and switch.


Accessible YouTube

Give students more control and choice with this interface.  It has text-to-speech and easy switch accessible buttons. Keep in mind, this does not filter content. Read the "help" menu for specifics.


Mouse Alternatives

Sometimes all it takes to access the computer is an adapted mouse! Check out all of these options and more...

  • Joysticks

  • Rollerballs

  • Switch Adapted

  • Small & Simple


Wrist Pads

(for keyboarding & mouse)

Sometimes, all that is needed is a little comfort and support to help stabilize hands and fingers. These are off the shelf and can be found at many office supplies stores. Click the Learn More button to see an example on Amazon.


Hands-Free Assistive Mouse

This is a lightweight bluetooth enabled device which can be customized for student use. Doesn't require the student to wear a sticker on their face and can accommodate fluctuations in positioning.


Tarheel Gameplay

Game created for students with more severe disabilities, these games have accessibility in mind, from the same developer of Tarheel Reader.

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Battery Interrupters

Choose from a variety of sizes from Enabling Devices. Click the Learn More button to watch a video on how to utilize them.



There are many variations of adapted keyboards. Check out this one that has big keys, large font, and color-coded.

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Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard stickers come in a large variety. You can find many on Amazon. Click the Learn More button to see a variety of them at


Tracker Pro 2

(head mouse)

Using this head mouse, a student can do  just about anything on a computer, tablet or phone. A small reflective dot is place on the face and head movements control the cursor just as a hand controls a mouse. It can be used in conjunction with switches or use the dwell feature to do clicks. included).


Adapted Toy Resources

Click on the resource to discover adapted toys.

Click here to view activity ideas (pdf)

Click on the Learn More button to watch a video about adapting toys.