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A tool designed with UDL in mind. Included TTS, word prediction, vocabulary & picture supports, speech to text, scaffolding, and much more. Use pre-made templates or students and teachers can create from scratch.

Clicker Writer (iPad/Chromebook)

Clicker 8 (Win/Mac)


Sherlock Center

This FREE adapted book resource contains many popular titles of interest to K-12 students, from the classics to modern.  Each book has been adapted with supporting symbols and can be downloaded as a pdf. 

Fair Use Poster

It's important to know the laws regarding adapting materials for your students.  This poster clears up the mystery about Copyright and Fair Use.


Book Creator

Teachers and students can get creative with the programs! Create books and content using text, images, audio, and video.

Check out this example a teacher created all about differentiated learning!



Symbolworld is a FREE resource to engage struggling readers and give them articles supported with symbols.  It's updated weekly with new content. Use with a TTS reader and it's even more accessible!

TarHeel Reader

Use this FREE online tool to create original and accessible books or browse the library and read books that others have created.  The tool is simple and easy to use.  It also has built in options for speech and display.

Drawing & Coloring

Create Your Own Adapted Books

Why not create adapted books using Powerpoint or Google Slides? Just add text, pictures, animations, and sound!  Access on a device or computer, or print a hard copy! Click the Learn More button to see a great video describing the PowerPoint bookmaking process.

Check out this article with lots of great idease from Shakeuplearning.

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Clicker Books

TarHeel Reader

Adapted Books

Sherlock Center

Adapted Articles


Create Your Own

Adapted Books

Google Slides


Copyright & Fair Use

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