Activities for Daily Living

daily living
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Distance Learning

View this PDF for strategies and resources for supporting students at home.

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Adaptive Tools for Eating

There are many adapted utensils and living aids to choose from. Explore the options!

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Use of a reacher/grabber can help students have more control and access to what they need.


Accessible Chef

Check out this site for accessible free visual recipes and resources for teaching cooking skills.

They also offer additional free resources to support learning!

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Zipper Pull

Help students become more independent with adaptive tools like zipper pulls.



This product can help objects from slipping and moving. Click here  to see product examples. Click the Learn More  button for ideas on how to use it.

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Adaptive Cutting Board

There are many types of adapted cutting boards to help make food preparation more accessible. Check out this one!

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Foam Tubing

Add foam tubing to a variety of handheld tools for better access and grip. Explore the options!


Shoe Horn

Long-handled shoe horn can assist reaching and putting on shoes with more independence.