Digital Skill Building

(and a little Digital Literacy!)

Digital Skill & Access Resources

These resources will help you understand the skills students need in order to participate in accessing the CCSS and general classroom curriculum.

TechSkills Flowchart from FCOE

Smarter Balanced Accessibility

CCSS Tech Skills Scope & Sequence

ISTE Standards for Students

Article: How to Teach Digital Literacy Skills at the Right Time

Keyboarding without Tears

The game-based lessons are geared for developmental progression of keyboarding skills to ensure student build the skills needed to succeed. A free trial is available for this subscription-based program.

TapTyper for iPad

Free version with in-app purchases. Heat sensor shows you where mishits occur-watch a replay of your hits and misses to find out where to focus your improvements.

Mouse Practice (Jackson Pollock Style)

Let the famous painter Jackson Pollock inspire young artists to practice their mouse or trackpad skills! Move the mouse around to create paint splatter and with each click, the color changes.


(from Palm Beach Library)

Kids can practice their mouse and computing skills with this web-based activity. This may work best for older students who are able to read and follow directions or get an adult's assistance.

Khan Academy Computing

Access free lessons. Topics include coding, animation, web programming, security, and more.

Coding Awbie

This app from introduces the world of coding to students (age 5-12). It is also built for student collaboration for 2 or more students to play at the same time.


Not only is there a comprehensive keyboarding program, but this site also offers lessons for computer basics and tech literacy. Lesson are also customizable!

Dancemat Typing

(from the BBC)

Some students enjoy this program because of the engaging sensory aspect...

a lot of animation and noise. This may not be suitable for more sensitive students. There 4 levels to progress through and lots of fun to be had!


Type2Learn is a full keyboarding program aligned to the Common Core Standards for typing. It teaches students key locations, technique, and ergonomics. This program requires a paid subscription.

Mouse Practice

(with Sand)

Use your mouse or trackpad to play with colored sand and make beautiful images! Change colors with just a couple of clicks and you can almost feel the sand as it gently falls into colorful layers.

Google for Education

Learn more about all things digital from Google in the free video lessons. Intended for students in late elementary through high school, includes resources for both students and teachers.

Common Sense

This a free digital citizen K-12 curriculum from Common Sense Education. Explore these important resources and help build student understanding of the importance of digital citizenship.

iPad Apps 

(Our Favorites!)

Ready to Print


Writing Wizard

Toca Apps

Dexteria Jr


Touch Trainer (click here more from this developer)

Click the Learn More button for even more resources for the iPad geared toward distance learning.


TypingClub has the standard 10-finger typing tutorials, but it has something more....scroll down on the home page and find free typing programs for one-handed keyboarders, a Dvorak program, and also one designed especially for early learners.


Both free and paid versions are available. Explore keyboarding activities for early learners, middle & high school level students.

Miss Sue's Keyboarding Fun!

Available on the iPad and computer, this program is customizable for diverse student populations. Adjust letters, colors, sizes, and content to meet student needs.

Mouse Practice

(NASA Kids Club Games)

The NASA kids club website has a number of games that can help develop mouse skills. The "Roving on Mars" driving game requires you to navigate simple mazes with the mouse. Explore the site to find others!

Be Internet 

Awesome (Google)

This resource from Google includes curriculum to teach student safety on the internet. Lesson have been integrated with Pear Deck for an engaging and interactive learning experience for students. Click the Learn More button and go strait to the activity bank. is a free resource for students and teachers. It is dedicated to providing access to computer science in schools to underrepresented groups. Explore projects and learn the basics of coding!

Digital Responsibility

(Free Resources)

This is a resource of videos and materials for helping students learn about digital responsibility. It also has trainings for parents so they can learn more about it and help their children.


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