Low & No-Tech Supports

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Reading Guide

This simple solution helps readers focus and supports visual tracking.



Whether it's highlighting pens or tape, this strategy can be very helpful for comprehension and annotation. Click here to watch how one college student use highlighters and sticky notes to annotate. Click on the Learn More button to look at highlighter tapes.

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Sticky Notes

There are many ways sticky notes can support reading and comprehension. Click the Learn More button for strategy ideas. Watch this video to see how one teacher uses them!


Slant Board

Simple or multi-use, slant boards offer many ways to support reading and writing by providing an ergonomic base for better access. Click here for directions on how to make you own, or click the Learn More button to view the multi-use slant board.


Page Up

This is a small and simple paper holder to keep papers upright while viewing them.


Page Holder

A simple weighted item which can support students while reading by reducing the physical effort to hold a book open.