With backgrounds as educators and specialists, our team has extensive experience in UDL, AT, and AAC.  Our aim is to effectively share our expertise with other educators so that we can

provide amazing learning experiences for ALL students

Meet Our Team

jill k new.png

Jillian King, SLP

Director, Facilitated

Improvement & Support

Jillian is the heart & soul of

the Assistive Technology Program

at PCOE. She has dedicated many years developing a program which provides much needed training

and resources to local and

regional educators. By doing

this, she is helping to ensure that

ALL students have access to the curriculum. Jillian and her

husband are enjoying

the start of the empty nest

years by squeezing in travel whenever they can,

most recently-Africa,

Costa Rica, and Italy! 

jill new.png

Jill McCann, M.S., SpEd.

AT/ET Specialist

An Assistive Technology Specialist

by day and an artist by night...  

Jill has been a huge UDL fan 

during her 20 years working in

the AT/EdTech field. She holds an Eduacation Specialist credential,

AT Certificate, and is our resident Google gal. She is also a

contributor and presenter at professional development

workshops, and works diligently researching strategies and digital resources which support students

and educators. She gets her

creativity fix at work by creating content and websites (like this one!)

new mo.png

Maureen Bern, OTR/L, ATP

Assistive Technology Specialist

When she's not hiking

the mountains of Northern California or tending to her grapes, Maureen brings a wealth of experience as an Assistive Technology Specialist

with a background as an Occupational Therapist in 

K-12 settings.  She is a mentor and trainer to our ACA Coaches,

supports teams in the Assistive Technology consideration process, and also a contributor and presenter at professional development workshops.

Jen b.png

Jennifer Boettger

SELPA Program Specialist

For the past 20 years, Jennifer has 

worked in a variety of settings. She

holds both a Secondary Single Subject

and Education Specialist credential

and currently works as a Program Specialist supporting districts and school sites in Special Education, UDL, and UDL Implementation. She does

this through training, demo lessons and professional development. Jennifer has attended CAST trainer of trainers and holds a Learning Designed UDL

Associate Credential. She believes that ALL  students deserve a high-quality education. Her other

interests include reading, gardening,

and being a “fur”baby mom.

cynthia new.png

Cynthia Tidd

Teacher, Orthopedically Impaired

Cynthia joined the Assistive Technology team in 2014, after working for 24 years in the classroom as a special education teacher. Her specialty is in supporting students with orthopedic impairments and includes any assistive technology or equipment they may need to access their curriculum. She also provides training to educators so they can

better support their students. In her

spare time, Cynthia enjoys home

projects, rafting and other

outdoor activities.

jen new.png

Jennifer Wright, M.A.,CCC-SLP

AAC Specialist

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience, with 15 of those as an

SLP focused on AAC. She is our "go to" for alternative access methods. She supports school districts by consulting, coaching, and providing AAC Needs Assessments and by ensuring that staff are supported with implementation strategy training.  Jennifer develops and presents at a variety of AAC workshops including Building

Tiered Systems. Somehow Jennifer manages to find the time and energy to coach high school varsity volleyball and keep on top of her teenage girls' very busy schedules! 

collen new.png


Colleen Wilson, M.A.,CCC-SLP

AAC Specialist

With 30 years as an SLP and AAC being an integral part of those experiences, Colleen brings it all together as she supports districts with AAC Needs Assessments, consultation, and coaching. Along with her colleagues, she helps develop and present AAC workshops and brings the fun-factor by designing "escape room" learning activities for the attendees. Being a a proud grandma, and Disneyland-enthusiast helps to keep her energy and creative levels high (and those mochas

help a bit too!)

ginger new.png

Ginger Mitchell, M.A.,CCC-SLP 

AAC Specialist

25 years as an SLP providing AAC supports has made Ginger a valuable partner to our districts.She provides AAC Needs Assessments, consults and coaches teams. With her colleagues, she develops and presents at AAC workshops, with a focus on Building Tiered Systems and implementation strategies to support educational teams.

Whenever the opportunity arises, you'll find Ginger in Maine (or daydreaming that she is in Maine...knitting beautiful creations and "spinning a yarn" (telling stories and talking a lot!) 


Dana Albrecht, M.A.,CCC-SLP

AAC Specialist

Dana has over 15 years supporting those who use AAC in school, clinic, hospital, home, and community settings. Dana is passionate about expanding the skills sets of those who support people with complex communication needs including SLPs, teachers, parents and others. This has lead her to university teaching, clinical education, and now to the Open Access AAC team. She thrives on opportunities to remove barriers to participation and find new ways of implementing intervention and to

help teams build capacity. When not at work, you’ll likely find Dana

dashing between activities with her

kids or with her tap shoes on

laura new.png

Laura Smith, M.A., SpEd

Physical & Health Impairment Specialist

Laura has over 25 years of special education classroom teaching experience and joined our team a few years back as a Physical & Health Impairments Specialist. She supports students with orthopedic impairments and traumatic brain injury, and helps remove barriers to the curriculum by providing services, specialized equipment, and training students, staff, and parents. When Laura isn’t in the classroom you can find her on the softball field, volleyball court, or operating room (due to the

injuries incurred in the aforementioned activities!).

bryan new.png

Bryan Givens, SLPA

Assistive Technology Provider

If you can drag him away from a baseball game (watching and playing!), you'll find Bryan working hard at being an awesome Assistive Technology Provider. He supports our staff with special projects, works directly with students, and supporting & presenting at professional development workshops. And with all of this going on, he is fitting in earning a Master's degree to become an

SLP and AAC specialist!