In-Class(and Virtual) Presentations

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Looking for ideas for student projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms? Check out this article from CULTOFPEDAGOGY.


Google Slides & PowerPoint

Step-by-step tutorials guide you to learn the ins and outs of creating interactive Google & PowerPoint slideshow presentations. Click the Learn More button and watch a great "how-to" lesson for students.

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​Voice Recorder

This free online web-tool makes it easy to create voice recordings. It has a simple interface and allows you to record your voice using a microphone and save it as an mp3 file. Just avoid the one advertisement-the "continue" button at the top of the page!

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Microsoft Sway

Create from scratch or use a template to create interactive content.  Click here for tutorials and the Learn More button to view examples.


Book Creator &

Shadow Puppet

Both Shadow Puppet and Book Creator are similar and provide a way to create interactive books.  Click the Learn More button to watch and learn about the differences and similarities.

​Click here to watch a Shadow Puppet tutorial.  Check out this book on how to use Book Creator for differentiated learning...its a book make with Book Creator!



This versatile tool integrates with Google Classroom.  Students can make their voices heard by creating screencasts. Click the Learn More button and discover how to use it in education settings.  Click here for the Chrome extension.  Click here for the "Beginners Guide for Educators. Guide."​ Watch this video to see how one school uses Screencastify with their students.


Students on a Break

Digital Presentation Ideas for Teens

Check out these digital tool ideas from Common Sense Media. They are aimed to engage teens and go beyond the typical tools


Available across platforms, Clicker is a literacy app for sentence and story creation with flexible options to meet diverse student needs. Click the Learn More button to learn about using clicker at home.