SAP 4.0

(Student Access Plan)

For the Consideration of UDL & AT Strategies & Digital Supports

SAP 4.0 Introduction

In this guide, you will find the tools and resources to support the consideration of specific strategies and tools for those students who may benefit from a more focused consideration of their needs as they relate to their access to the curriculum and the learning environment.

Team Consideration

This tool guides the team to engage in and develop a Student Access Plan by applying the principles of AT consideration and the SETT process.

Information Gathering

This tools gathers information about the student and their current program supports. For each area of consideration (math, reading, writing, speaking and listening, executive functioning), the Coach reviews whether the student is meeting grade level standards or expectations in order to identify areas for additional data collection.

Implementation &  Trial Summary

An AT Implementation Plan summarizes, for anyone working with the student, the specifics of what we will need to do to support its use. Based on this information, it also assists the team in determining if, and how, the tool should be documented in the IEP for the student with a disability.

Data Collection

The Data Collection Inventories are for “digging deeper” into those areas identified as areas of need.  This document is only available ACA Cohort participants.


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