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Physical Action

  • Brain Breaks

  • Highlighting

  • Pencil grips

  • Online tools

  • Speech-to-text

  • Text-to-speech

  • Manipulatives

  • Choice boards

  • Response cards

  • Formatting options

  • Personal whiteboard

  • Four Corners Stations

  • Inside Outside Circles

Expression & Communication

  • Role play

  • Geoboard

  • Story webs

  • Multimedia

  • Illustrations

  • Storytelling

  • Word banks

  • Turn and talk

  • Oral response

  • Base 10 blocks

  • Choral reading

  • Think-pair-share

  • Video Production

  • Sentence starters

  • Concept mapping

  • Twitter-style exit slips

  • Interactive note taking

Executive Functions






A tool designed for all platforms with UDL in mind. Included TTS, word prediction, vocabulary and translation tools, speech to text, scaffolding, and more. Available on all platforms, and educators can register for a FREE premium subscription.


"Insert Drawing" into your Google Doc. Create drawings easily and can be used as a simple graphic organizer tool. Try these pre-made graphic organizers; Just open and "copy" to your Drive.



​In the top menu, click Tools and  Translate document.​ Select the language and then translate. A copy of the document will open in a new window.​

Storyboard That

This tool is great for students to use for storytelling.  It includes templates and creative tools for unique creations.  It's also FERPA & COPPA compliant, so can be used without  student privacy worries. Use the website or iPad browser to access the Free basic program, or purchase a premium version.


This tool for the iPad makes it easy to edit and annotate documents, draw, and sketch notes. It will convert handwriting to text and even record voice notes!

GoWorksheet Maker

This iPad app give you the ability to create accessible worksheets quickly.  Just take a picture of the worksheet! Includes adding multiple choice, fill in, and word banks. It will also read the text aloud!


Students have fun creating music with this iPad app with its large collection of touch instruments and full-featured recording studio.


Just search the Chrome web store and find numerous clocks and timers.  This extension shows the passage of time and can be customized with pre-set times.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the ultimate planning tool for school.  Teachers can share specific calendars with their students, and students can add tasks, due dates, reminders, and color-coding to help keep them organized.


Students and teachers can express themselves by creating 3D cartoons! The sky is the limit with this tool...narate adventures, create a news stories or science reports (whatever your ideas are, this is a fun way to express them). Works across platforms.


With this app, you can tell a story, explain an ideas and be creative in the way you express yourself. Easy and simple interface.



A robust math tool for all platforms offering visual options as well as productivity choices. Includes speech input, graphing, handwriting recognition and more.  Free educator premium subscription



This bibliography and citation tool works with one click.  Easily create a fully-formatted, alphabetized, and word processor ready bibliography.  


Add a calculator from the Chrome Web Store and have easy access to it within your document.



A video editing tool which has been optimized for Chrome lets you create and edit videos all within your browser. Free and premium plans available.



This program supports the writing process in numerous ways.  Its graphic organizer feature converts to an editable outline view with one click. Easily add text and multimedia to complete your project. It's available as a web-based tool, iPad app, and software.


Use this FREE online resource to explore math interactives without advertisments.  Use during direct instruction or as a tool for students to utilize.



This program does more than just correct spelling! Grammar, spelling, style and tone suggestions are given. It integrates with Google Apps and works just about everywhere you type.

Simple To Do List

There are many to-do list extensions in the Chrome web store. This truly is the most simple one, and very easy for students to manage.

Google Keep

Along with helping students with organization and planning, Goggle Keep can also be used to collect research and organize information for projects.

Pic Collage

Personalize with images and text using this app. Create brochures, announcements, collage books and more!


This is a formative assessment tool. It is designed for in-classroom teaching using our standard Plickers Cards. It is not appropriate for asynchronous learning environments but can be used during live virtual sessions.


Voice Typing

This speech-to-text tool in Google Docs is simple and easy to use. It has a high degree of accuracy, but it's important for students to review and edit in order to catch errors.  Find the tool under the "inset" tab on the document toolbar.

Kahoot brings us this virtual whiteboard with 3 levels of access starting with a free subscription. Students can can draw, write text, make notations on images, add math equations, and more!


Book Creator

This simple tool can be used for creating digital books. Create your own teaching resources or have your students create their own books, portfolios, journals, reports, and comics.

Mic Note

This is a  robust note taking program. Record a voice note and/or type notes on the same document.  Available for Chrome , Win, Mac, Android.  Free and premium plans available.


This app replaces pencil/paper and does not solve problems.  This is a great legibility support for students who can then easily share their work with the teacher.



A cloud-based video and creativity tool which integrates with Google Classroom.


The Time Timer helps students of all ages and abilities see and understand the passage of time. 

My Homework Reminder

This simple Chrome extension can be used as a simple way to enter homework assignments and check them off as they are completed.

Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers

This is a great collection of a variety of popular graphic organizers.  These are fillable... just click, open, fill it in and download.


Give photos a voice with this app. Make anything talk...pets, friends, doodles, and more!

Tour Creator

Students can experience the magic of a custom tour on any device as well as the Google cardboard viewer. Students and teachers can build immersive, 360° tours right from their computer.