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Language & Symbols




AEM Center

The AEM Center along with CAST provides resources to increate the availability and use of accessible educational materials and technologies for learners.

Planet and Moon

Mercury Reader

This Chrome extension removes ads and distractions from webpages, leaving only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site. This is a great tool during direct  instruction and also for students needing a reduction in visual clutter and distractions.


Students can engage with high-interest material at their reading level.  The Learning Sessions actively teach them their own customized word lists. This completely free resources includes plenty of training and tutorials to get set up. They are committed to protect student privacy, but approval from your site administrator is always advisable.

Teacher with Pupils

Voice Instead

This simple Chrome extension reads text aloud.  Just highlight the desired text on most web pages, right click and choose to read a word, sentence or entire text with the tool.


Students can access a wide variety of content at five different reading levels. All content is standards-aligned.

epic books pic.PNG


This online literature resource has interactive and high-interest ebooks. Audiobooks and videos are also available. This is a FREE resource for educators.

Highlighting Tools for gDocs

Highlight words/sentences and use the highlight tools to "collect" the highlights. While in a Google Doc, click "add ons" in the toolbar and choose "get add ons" and search.


MathLearning Center

Explore this FREE math site for math activites and virtual manipulatives.  The activities have built-in tools making it ideal for direct instruction and student exploration.


Free content and lessons with videos with WATCH, THINK, DIG DEEPER, DISCUSS options.  Browse content created by others or create your own.

iPad Accessibility

Click the learn more button to view video tutorials on iOS accessibility features.

Strict Workflow

This Chrome app enforces a 25 minute workflow followed by a 5 minute break.


Give your eyes a rest with a orange color shade to reduce eye strain and fatigue.  


Read & Write

A tool designed for all platforms, with UDL in mind. Included TTS, word prediction, vocabulary and translation tools, speech to text, scaffolding, and more.Educators can register for a FREE premium subscription.

Girl in Class

Easy Reader

This Chrome extension removes visual clutter on web pages and provides customization option for viewing the content.



This Chrome extension places a visual semi-transparent overlay on the screen.  It has an adjustable reading window to help with visual tracking and focus. Great for both direct instruction and an individual tool for students.

Laptop Writing

Speak Tool for MSWord

Yes! Microsoft Word has a built-in speech-to-text tool. You'll just need to add it to your toolbar.  Once it's set up, it will read aloud documents.

Tween Tribune

This free online resource from the Smithsonian offers each article at 4 lexile levels. You can sort by topics and grade level.  Articles in Spanish are also available.



This FREE online resource of popular children's literature is read aloud by actors.  The illustrations have been slightly animated, and most books have activity guides for teachers to use with their students.

Built-in Tools  for Google Docs

Built-in tools include a dictionary, voice typing, translate document, and others.  Add-ons increase functionality of Docs...add more by adding them from the toolbar. 

Multi-Media  Math Glossary

Harcourt's online visual/slightly animated glossary of math terms helps to visulize meanings and concepts.


Free interactive mathematics activities are available to teachers and students. Explore the activities without any advertisements.

MyScript Calculator

Write calculations just like you would on paper and the result is calculated! Add new elements or erase naturally with a scratch gesture. Export as an image. 

Open Dyslexic

Open-Dyslexic font for Chrome supports readers with dyslexia.  It will format web pages with the font and be more easily readable. 



A robust math tool for all platforms offering visual options as well a productivity choices. Includes speech input, graphing, handwriting recognition and more.  Free educator premium subscription


Safari Reader

Just one click of the icon in the toolbar clears up visual clutter and ads while using Safari.

natural reader.PNG

Natural Reader

This text-to-speech tool is available across platforms and is a free Chrome extension and Web app.  It highlights as it reads web pages and Google Docs with options for voice, speed, and more.

speak screen.PNG

Speak Screen iPad

Use the "speak screen" tool to read aloud full pages as well as ebooks.  Swipe down with 2 fingers to activate or just tell Siri to "speak screen."



Reading passages include audio supports, question sets, embedded vocabulary support, and much more. Create a teacher log in to have access to this FREE resource.



This is the oldest FREE respository of public-domain classic digital literature. Text comes in most formats from .html and .txt, to kindle downloads and MP4 files.


Use this FREE online resource to explore math interactives without advertisments.  Use during direct instruction or as a tool for students to utilize.



Interactive digital math activities for students and teachers to explore.  This FREE site has no advertisements. 

Voice Over-iPad

VoiceOver is the iPad's built-in screen reader.  Turn it off and on easily by pressing the home button 3 times.  Initial set up is required in the settings.

Khan Academy

Khan offers standards-aligned lessons in math, grammar, science, history, and more.  It's free for all learners and teachers.

Screen Shader

Give your eyes a rest with a orange color shade to reduce eye strain and fatigue.