Module 1

The UDL Framework: In module 1 you’ll learn what UDL is and is not.

You will recognize it as a system change that embraces equity and inclusion

(not just another initiative!). 


Module 2

Variability, Barriers and Expert Learning: UDL requires us to shift

conventional thinking about instruction -- to remove barriers, embrace learning

variability and eliminate the myth of the average student. You will also discover that

barriers are found in the learning environment and not the students. We will delve into the characteristics of expert learners and strategies that support expert learning.


Module 3

Research Based Guidelines: We’ll explore the UDL Guidelines...specific

research-based strategies to support all learners that are based on

what we know about how we learn. 

Module 4

Plan & Apply: UDL starts at the lesson planning stage. It requires teachers to

intentionally set clear goals, provide flexible assessments, and provide flexible

methods and materials in designing instruction.


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