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Session 1

In this session you will explore what UDL is and is not. UDL starts with the “why”, not the “what”. UDL is not just another initiative, it is a framework that supports transforming entire systems of education. It is about breaking up siloed systems by using a lens of equity and inclusion for all students. It is about being “proactive” and “intentional” in how we design learning. And finally, it encourages teachers to develop a “design thinking” mindset in approaching our planning.


Session 2

In this session you will consider the variability within yourself as well as your learners. You will explore the idea that there are no average learners and that teaching to the edges is needed in order for our learners to be successful. You will discover that barriers are found in the learning environment and not the students and will explore ways of identifying and reducing barriers. And you will broaden your perspective of what the overarching goal is for our students, and will explore the definition of expert learners used in the UDL Framework.


Session 3

In this session you will be introduced to the UDL guidelines, created by CAST,  as a scaffold for teachers to use as they build flexibility into the learning environment, reduce barriers and place the focus on developing expert learners.

Session 4

In this session we’ll dive deeper into the idea that UDL starts at the lesson planning stage.  It requires teachers to intentionally set clear goals, provide flexible assessments, and provide flexible methods and materials in designing instruction.