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As part of the SELPA Content Lead Grant, the Open Access project provides an opportunity for SELPAs across the state of California to join us in building capacity across your region in supporting implementation of UDL, AT & AAC. These projects will be implemented using the continuous improvement process to scale up evidence-based practices in UDL, AT & AAC. Projects will be delivered in a “training of trainer” model and will include all training and implementation resources.


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1. Review the Open Access Project

    Overviews & Resources Review Materials & Resources

Review the Open Access Projects at-a-glance, Open Access Website, and the video-recorded walk-throughs. You will learn about the projects to engage partners & participants for the discussion.

Exploration to integration of Universal Design for Learning as a transformative instructional design framework.

Leveraging digital tools & assistive technology to support students in a universally designed environment.

Supporting students with complex communication needs so they can show what they know & understand, build independence & social connections.

Overview video of Open Access

(Click here for a .pdf of slideshow)

(Click here for a .docx transcript)

Overview of the UDL project

Overview video: UDL Project

(Click here for a .pdf of slideshow)

(Click here for a .docx transcript)

Overview of the ACA project

Overview video: ACA Project

(Click here for a .pdf of slideshow)

(Click here for a .docx transcript)

overview of the AAC project

Overview video: AAC Project

(Click here for a .pdf of slideshow)

(Click here for a .docx transcript)

Video overview of the open access project

In order to make an informed decision about whether a project is right for your team, we will set up a virtual or face-to-face meeting (depending on your location) to go in-depth and answer any questions about each project you may be interested in pursuing.  Please include as many potential team members, potential trainers/coaches, LEA administrators, COE partners, and even other SELPA administrators in you region who you may support as you build up capacity in your region. 

Contact Jillian King for an appointment.   (530)889-5880

2. Set up a time to review the project with the Open Access Project Director

     Dive in Deeper to Learn More

3. Review & Submit the Application

    Complete the Application Process

Submit an application in order to provide the Open Access team with enough information to determine if your team has the capacity to take on this project.  You will be contacted as soon as we have reviewed the application.  Applications are taken on a rolling basis, as we fill spots for regional teams across all three projects.  Email your completed application to Jillian King at

Click on the application of your choice, when the pdf document opens,

please save a copy to your computer, complete it, and then email.

4. Schedule a Face-to-Face Day with the Open Access Team

     Meet with the OA Team!

Once you have been selected and prior to initiating the project, the Open Access team will come to you for a day to dive even deeper into the scope and sequence to ensure the project is a good fit for your team.  Together, we will complete a Readiness/Capacity Assessment; develop a Scope of Work & Agreements; and engage in a preliminary review of regional and LEA level data in order to develop a preliminary aim statement for your project.


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