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Teacher Assisting a Student

Building capacity dissolves differences. It irons out inequalities.

~Abdul Kalam

Capacity Building Projects

The goal of Open Access is to leverage the science and practice of implementation to strengthen equity in education systems, support educators, and improve outcomes for learners and their families. This is done by expanding the selection, adoption, and sustained use of educational practices supported by evidence [specifically universal design for learning, accessible technologies and augmentative alternative communication] that result in positive student outcomes. 

Using Implementation Drivers to Build Capacity document download

For more information on the key drivers of Implementation Science that inform Open Access projects,CLICK HERE for the handout “Using Implementation Drivers to Build Capacity.”

To remove barriers to learning and increase inclusive opportunities, the projects are designed to develop the capacity of regional implementation teams to train, coach, and provide technical assistance to school sites in these specific focus areas.

Our SELPA Partners Across the State

Based on the 11 service regions of the California County Superintendent Educational Services Association, Select a Region to find an Open Access Project near you. 

For more information and contact information for project teams,  navigate to the "About the OA Network" tab and explore under Regional Teams

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