Universal Design for Learning; Theory & Practice (ebook) free ebook version


UDL Now! (book)

By Katie Novak

What is UDL (infographic)

By Katie Novak

The Difference between UDL & the Traditional Classroom


5 Examples of UDL in the Classroom (article)

from CAST &

UDL Progression Rubric (pdf) from Katie Novak & CAST Publishing

UDL Guideline Checklist (pdf)

Connecting to Math in Real Life (article)

The UDL-aligned instructional strategies & tools 

are organized according to the UDL principles. It's important to understand that resources and strategies can be utilized for multiple UDL checkpoints...depending on your intended purpose of the lesson or activity and the barriers you have identified.

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quote: udl is not a checklist of thngs to do. It's a new lens for thnking about everything you do.


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