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UDL Implementation Roadmap

The Open Access team has created an implementation roadmap to guide county offices of education, school districts, and school sites through the journey of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) implementation.  Open Access projects support Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with successful UDL implementation by building coordinated regional implementation leadership to support LEAs and school sites in UDL implementation planning. A key component of this work is the development of regional implementation specialists who can train and coach school sites through exploration and successful installation with UDL practices. The development of regional implementation teams and specialists happens concurrently with school sites and key teachers moving through one to two years of training and coaching. This supports learning about UDL, creating a UDL climate, and utilizing the UDL design process.

Educational teams must engage in a structured, guided UDL implementation process to build the practices of educators, change mindsets around teaching and learning, and create a culture where lessons are designed from the outset for all learners. The Open Access, UDL Implementation process is based on research in educator change, implementation science, and UDL. Implementation is a process, not an event, and implementation requires more than the adoption of a new program (LaTurner & Lewis, 2013). According to Fixsen et al. (2005), two to four years are generally required to implement an innovation that is sustainable and scalable”.

For more information, explore “The Data Inquiry-UDL Cycle”, by Rachel Currie-Rubin, 2015.


Click on each step of the Open Access UDL Implementation Roadmap below to learn what happens at each phase of the UDL project. At the bottom of the page is a link to the full UDL Implementation Roadmap document, which includes all of the resources used to support regional leadership teams and school site teams. 

Roadmap for Leading and Coaching Towards UDL
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