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Change is the end result of all true learning.

~Leo Buscaglia

About Professional Learning

Each Open Access Project focus area includes robust training resources for the Regional Implementation Leads to use in order to build capacity across systems. As participants in the projects, Regional Implementation Leads become certified to train participants in a focus content area with the goal to develop competence and confidence in providing quality services and support for students. Training is supported by both coaching and fidelity measures to ensure that participants can put into effective practice the skills being taught.

Explore each learning path by navigating to the content area of interested:

Bringing training to a district or region...

To bring any of these trainings to a system, use the “Contact Us” link under “Stay Connected” to reach out. It will connect you with a Regional Lead Team nearby to explore a project in the area. Find the location of Regional Lead Teams across California, by a project focus area, by clicking here


If outside of California, or in a region that does not have a Regional Lead Team, the Open Access Team can explore supporting with a project. 

For current Regional Implementation Specialists...

Regional Implementation Lead/Certified Trainer in one of the Open Access projects, use the login link below to navigate to the SELPA Lead Training Materials page to access all of the resources needed to provide a training.


These resources will be regularly updated, so make sure to come back and download the most recent versions before beginning a new training. 

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