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UDL is not a checklist of the things you do. It's a new lens for thinking about everything you do.

~Patti Kelly

About UDL

In the content area of UDL, training is targeted toward blended site-based teams (e.g., site administrators, general education teachers, special education providers, support staff) who commit to a two-year UDL implementation journey. This process begins with UDL Immersion training. This training is broken down into four (3-hour) sessions, that can be provided in-person or virtually. 

UDL Scope and Sequence

The scope and sequence of this training align with the Learning Designed “UDL Associate - Level 1” credential.

UDL Associate Credential Level 1

Click here to navigate to Learning Designed to learn more about these credentials.

Scope and Sequence - UDL Immersion

Click here to view a more detailed scope and sequence of this training.

UDL Immersion Training Cohort

The following section is password protected for participants enrolled in a UDL Immersion training cohort. Click on the link and enter the password provided by the trainer(s), to access the materials and resources needed during the training. 

Following UDL Immersion, teams will engage in site-based learning and exploration over two years. The content of this exploration aligns with the Learning Designed “UDL Core - Level 2” credential. This learning includes individually paced modules supported by practice and coaching in:

UDL in Instruction:

  • Assessment
  • Goals
  • Materials
  • Methods

Building Expert Learners:

  • Purposeful and Motivated
  • Knowledgeable and Resourceful
  • Strategic and Goal Directed

Building UDL at a Site (for Administrators):

Coming soon

In addition, teams are introduced to and practice with two protocols designed to support and build an expert learning community focused on building a UDL framework across learning environments:
  • Instructional Rounds
  • Lesson Study

The individually paced modules and protocol resources are universally available to anyone interested.  Find these under the Universal Design for Learning tab, under UDL Resources.

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